Healing Through Art

In this presentation/retreat, we will be working through a process of building a piece of art, while symbolically going through the same steps within ourselves. Participants can share as much as they want, or can work quietly and process the information and steps at their own pace.

As a mixed media artist, I have experienced much healing in the process of my work. The layers, the building up, the removing, the sparkle, the scratches....

When I chose Glitter and Grunge for the name of my studio, it was very symbolic of the relationship between heaven and earth, light and darkness, beauty and harsh realities... The best and the worst of the world and humanity. There is beauty to be found everywhere. It is in me. It is in you. Together, we will create something new, and find beauty in between the layers. We will see the beauty in the grunge, in the pain, in the wrinkles. We may cry. We will most definitely sparkle and shine.

This retreat is an intimate experience, and is not suitable for children to attend. All participants must be adults. 

We will be creating a mixed media painting as we travel along this journey of letting go and building something beautiful. 

I have suffered from debilitating psoriatic arthritis for twenty years. This retreat is for those who suffer from either physical or emotional pain and loss. I am not a doctor or psychologist. I claim no miraculous healing of illnesses. This is about growing, and finding new ways to experience the challenges our life has thrown at us. We may not leave whole, but we will learn to let the light shine through our brokenness a little more. 

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